Friday, June 20, 2008

Pregnancy- Week 7

I entered my 7th week of pregnancy today and have been thinking about how little control I have over what is happening inside of me. Sure, I can take my vitamins and take care of my body and avoid certain foods, but beyond that, I have almost no control over how this baby develops and grows. If I didn't have faith in God, I could easily become paralyzed by the what-ifs that are out of my control.

I took my first belly picture this morning. I'm going to take them first thing in the morning every Saturday. Taking them first thing in the morning ensures that we can tell what may really be baby from what is just bloating.

I'm trying to decide if the bump under my belly button was there before or if that is new. Josh says he thinks it is new and I am inclined to agree with him. Not that I'm saying that I had a perfectly flat stomach before (well, not for a few years, at least), but first thing in the morning when I'm really hungry it is usually pretty flat, not to mention the fact that it is more firm than flabby. And in the front view picture my belly looks really round already and I KNOW it didn't look like that before.

Just for record keeping's sake, I weighed a pretty consistent 130 pre-pregnancy. I know, I don't where I keep it. When I weighed myself in the evenings at the Rec center, it may be closer to 133 if I'd had a lot to eat that day. But last night at the Rec center I weighed 127! I don't think you understand how surprising this was... I have had an INSATIABLE appetite since even before I took a pregnancy test. I eat ALL THE TIME. But apparently I am still not able to keep up with my new revved up metabolism.

Last but not least, symptoms so far. I've been debilitatingly tired since day one, and about a week ago the nausea started to pick up. Not really bad, but just where I feel moderately car sick all the time. Unlike most women, I feel best in the morning and then feel progressively worse as the day goes on. I've also been getting heartburn if I lay down too soon after dinner, which happens almost every night because I can barely make it through dinner before I zonk out on the couch.

But really I just can't say enough how, despite how rough I feel most days, I am just SO INCREDIBLY thankful to be pregnant.  Not a minute goes by that I'm not awe-struck by the wonder of it.

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  1. Congratulations on your pregnancy. You'll be really glad you documented your growing belly with pictures! I had my first daughter last July - she'll be turning one in a month. I remember I lost weight the first 8 or 9 weeks in, then I started to gain weight like crazy! (My morning sickness was awful, and all I could keep down was milkshakes- convenient, right?) But everyone's body is different- I gained 55 pounds, but have lost all but 5 now.