Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Reversible Elvis Apron!

Josh's Mamaw's birthday is coming up soon, and while browsing through Hancock's the other day, we found the perfect gift... an Elvis Apron!  Mamaw is easily the biggest Elvis fan that I know, so we just know that she'll be tickled to open her birthday gift from her favorite grandson and granddaughter-in-law (OKAY, we're her only grandson and graddaughter-in-law, but still ;) ).

The pattern just told you to fold over and top stitch the edges of everything, but I thought that looked cheap, so we got some coordinating Elvis fabric (they had a ton of Elvis fabrics!  Who knew??) and lined the whole thing with it.  If I'd have thought, I would have put a pocket on the lining side too so it would be functionally reversible, but oh well.

So here's the apron on a very handsome model:

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