Monday, May 5, 2008

A New Skirt!

Yup, I finished my second skirt over the weekend. :)

I made it the same way I made my first skirt (copied a skirt I already had and loved). This one was a lot more difficult, especially the elastic parts on the sides. Whew! What a pain! But it was definitely worth it because I love how casual and fun the design of this skirt is. Even as difficult as it was to make, I would seriously consider making 100 more of this skirt in different prints and colors... that's how much I love wearing it!

I have to give a big shout-out to Mrs. Gentry and the ladies who help her in the free sewing class on campus at the seminary.  They not only taught me to sew, but there is no way I could have figured out that elastic waistband without them!

And trust me, I definitely don't wear it out in public with a tucked-in grey T-shirt. :P

(Sorry for the poor quality pictures again. It's just so much easier to take the picture with my phone and send it to my email than it is to find my camera, take the picture, hook it up to the computer, upload the picture to my computer, and send it to my email)


  1. this is nice! i think it's gonna be one of my holiday projects haha. love the pockets especially (:

  2. Very cute skirt. It looks so comfy!
    Nice job!