Thursday, April 10, 2008

What's your secret, Papaw?

Papaw and Lois

This is my 94 year-old papaw and his 89 year-old girlfriend. Aren't they precious? They do not live in a nursing home/assisted living. Papaw actually just stopped driving two years ago after having a minor stroke. Lois can barely see because of advanced macular degeneration and they wear 4 hearing aides between the two of them, but in spite of it all, their minds are still perfectly intact and they are amazingly self-sufficient and take care of each other.

In 94 years, my Papaw has never spent a night in the hospital. Mom told me a story about Papaw having cataract surgery a few years ago and his conversation with the nurse went something like this:
Nurse: "Mr. Williams, what medications are you taking?"

Papaw: "None."

Nurse (thinking he's joking): "No really, what medications should I write in your chart?"

Papaw: "I don't take any pills, that stuff will kill ya."

Ten years ago, a doctor told Papaw that if he didn't have a blocked artery in his neck cleaned out, he wouldn't live to see his next birthday. He never did, and he's still alive and well. It's hard to argue with a medical history like that!


  1. When I read things like this, I can only think "He must have honored his parents (and God) really well!!!"

    Good for him!!

    God bless,

  2. What a wonderful post to read at 11:52 p.m. I'm getting ready for bed, and saw this at SBC Voices and must say I'm so glad I clicked on your site to read this. what a joy. I hope my hubby and I are able to live that long together at home. we love taking care of one another. selahV

  3. that's awesome! You gotta love that kind of spirit.