Friday, April 25, 2008

Before He Speaks- Hilarious Music Video by Pastors' Wives

I don't even remember where I found this (I mean... youtube obviously, but I saw it on someone else's blog), but it is so hilarious... and so true! Nobody makes better fodder for sermon illustrations than us poor pastors' wives. :)

In my husband's defense, he usually runs it by me before he tells a story on me, but for the sake of being a good sport, I have approved some pretty embarassing stories!

I think my favorite part is "Right now, he's probably movin' onto my drivin' for a juicy little sermon illustration. Right now, he's probably tellin' them how I pulled into traffic without any indication." :D


  1. LOL! That was awesome... Love it! I remember cringeing at some of the stories my childhood pastor used to tell about his family... eeek!


  2. Thats Great!!!! Also great job on your sewing. Iv been sewing since Oct 07 and loving it!