Thursday, February 28, 2008

A Confession

I stopped doing Curly Girl just a couple of days after my gushing post about how awesome it is.

But it's not because Curly Girl is, in fact, anything less than awesome. Don't get me wrong. I just really missed having the freedom to fix my hair straight when I wanted to. I felt chained to my curly hair. And then I realized (in the most humble way that one can possibly realize such a thing) that I have great curls even when I use shampoo! Why do I need to be stressing myself out over never being able to wear my hair straight, when it looks just fine with or without shampoo?? The thing I've always loved about my hair (okay, not always, but since early high school when I actually learned how to fix it) is that it looks great both straight and curly, and I was taking that away from myself!

So there you have it. My dirty ugly secret. I'm not a Curly Girl anymore. I am, however, a much happier girl! :)

This picture was taken two weekends ago at Amy & Todd's wedding reception, just a few days after I rekindled my romance with shampoo:


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