Friday, February 22, 2008

City-wide Ice Storm Hysteria

Talk about the biggest overreaction ever. Sheesh.

Okay okay, it is apparently pretty bad in some places. LG&E is reporting about 1,000 people in Louisville without power this morning. But from everthing I can see it's just wet outside.

Yesterday the city asked businesses to send their employees home early. The public schools closed at 10am. We closed down the office at noon. UofL, Southern, and other colleges closed down. The news stations were telling people that once they got home they needed to STAY THERE. The entire city buckled down for the ice storm of the century.

And then... it rained. And rained. And we got... wet.

img00049.jpgAnd that was about it.

Watching the news last night, they were still making a really big deal about it. They had a video camera on the dash of the news car and were driving around the city. My favorite quote from last night was- "They've treated the roads really well and it seems to be working because the roads are just wet." Josh and I almost lost it and looked outside and said to each other, "Or maybe the roads are just wet because it's just raining outside!"

Don't get me wrong... I'm glad they took the threat of an ice storm seriously because they can be really dangerous. And like I said, it was apparently pretty serious in other areas. But from our windows, it was just comical.

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