Meet the Manger Keeper

Hi there, I'm Stacy Leigh. My husband and I are missionaries with Gospel Life in the beautiful country of Malawi.

I really enjoy traveling, sewing, and pursuing and serving Christ.  I'm an Enneagram 7, ENFP, a lefty, a cat person, and a reformed coffee addict. 

Josh is the man who makes my heart go pitter-patter, and these are five most wonderful and exhausting things that have ever happened to us:

From oldest to youngest, these sweet people are:
Haylee, who is the embodiment of every firstborn stereotype there is.
Jude, who is nonverbal autistic and also really smart, fun, and affectionate.
Taylah, who is our smart, sassy firecracker.
JJ, who is so hilarious and affectionate and imaginative and such a stinker all in one.
Abraham, who is the slightly spoiled baby of the family and incredibly rotten and sweet.