Meet the Manger Keeper

Hi there, I'm Stacy Leigh.  I currently keep house in a parsonage in rural central Kentucky, with my husband, Josh, and our five wild and wonderful kids.

I really enjoy traveling and missions, sewing and knitting, being a wife and mama, reminiscing about life in Moldova, and pursuing and serving Christ.  I'm a borderline I/E NFP, a lefty, a cat person, and a hopeless coffee addict. If you want to contact me for any reason (unless you're a scammer or spammer, in which case please don't), you can email me at mymessymanger (at) gmail (dot) com

Josh, the man who makes my heart go pitter-patter:

He really enjoys pastoring our sweet church, pursuing his Ph.D., fishing, being handsome, being an amazing husband and father... okay, I'll stop.  He keeps up a little thing called Gospel Life.

and the most wonderful and exhausting things that have ever happened to us:

From left to right, these sweet people are:
Jude, who is 8 and nonverbal autistic, but that doesn't stop him from being really smart, fun, and affectionate.
Haylee, who is 9 and is the embodiment of every firstborn stereotype there is.
"Man Cub," who is not yet adopted so you can't see his face, but is the sweetest, happiest, wildest toddler we've ever known.
Taylah, who is 7 and is our smart, sassy little firecracker.
And JJ, who is 5 and is so hilarious and affectionate and imaginative and such a stinker all in one.