Monday, April 10, 2023

March 2023

 March was a VERY wet month in Malawi! We started off the month celebrating JJ's 11th birthday, followed shortly by the coming of Cyclone Freddy. 

It stayed over southern Malawi for four days and brought utter devastation with it. Zomba city, where we live, fared well because of our high elevation and abundance of mature trees, but Blantyre city and the rest of Zomba district were hit extremely hard. Hundreds died, and it will be a long time before those who were left behind are able to rebuild their lives. (Not my picture below.)

We still managed to celebrate my favorite holiday: St. Patrick's Day with our array of green shades. 

In spite of numerous disruptions, we persevered with homeschooling. The kids and their new teachers seem to finally be getting in a good groove, and we are very thankful.

Our newest cat, Percy, was neutered this month, which always serves as a fun homeschool science lesson!

Even after the cyclone, we got more and more rains. That's the main theme of this month. Lots and lots of rain, and little else. That's really all there is to say!

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