Wednesday, September 7, 2022

August 2022

How is it possible that we've done so much in just one month? And I know I'm going to feel this way even more in the next few months! We are staying so busy here. Josh is visiting a new church every Sunday, and sometimes leaving on Saturday if the church is more than a couple hours away. The kids and I have mostly been staying at Hardin Baptist. It's been super hard to do that by myself every Sunday, but not as hard as it would be to take this crew to a different church every week. And we really want the kids to make/deepen some solid friendships here so it feels familiar when they return for future furloughs and college.

We said goodbye to Josh's sister and her family as they went back down to Florida. It was really fun having them around all summer.

We went for our first camping trip at Dam 50 in my hometown. It's a really nice little campground on the river, and we had a good time even though it was crazy hot. My mom, Aunt Judy, and her daughter-in-law came out to hang out with us, and a good, sweaty time was had by all. Unfortunately our trip got cut from two nights down to one when the weather forecast said it would be storming the next morning while we would be packing up to go home. That sounded like a 0% fun way to end our first camping trip, so we decided to pack up a day early.

One of the churches Josh preached at this week was Hardin Baptist! It was great having him with us for one Sunday. He also preached at my home church, Union Baptist, which was really special. It was so good to see everyone at Union and be able to mutually encourage each other.

We've been out on Pappy's boat a good bit again this month, and really in the water with a cold watermelon has been about the only sane place to be for much of the month. It's been SO HOT. Jude LOVES tubing so much, and Abe finally worked up the courage to try it, and of course loved it too. 

Josh also preached at the church he pastored for four years, Mt. Tabor Baptist Church, and we all went along to see everyone! We got to spend the weekend in this idyllic cabin, which inspired Josh to start planning our retirement cabin. 

Our friend Skye, who lived with us in Malawi for two months a couple of years ago, drove up from Nashville to see us, and we all had a good time catching up.

We've also started going through our storage container that's at Josh's parents' house. We didn't store a whole lot when we moved to Malawi, but you can tell that as I was packing I definitely got to a point where I was just DONE and decided to deal with the rest of the stuff in four years. Ha. Understandably so, though, right? I was trying to pack up a whole house to either store, sell, or take to Malawi, and it was really overwhelming. We'd also put a lot of stuff in there that was intended for a yard sale which never happened. So now it's four years later and we're trying to organize all of that a little better and finally sell or donate a lot of it. The kids also have a good time looking through their old toys, artwork, and books.

This past weekend, Josh preached at a church near St. Louis, and took Taylah with him for the weekend. The church surprised them at the last minute with tickets to a Cardinals game! They had a really fun weekend together, and enjoyed the game and getting to visit City Light church.

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