Friday, June 3, 2022

May 2022

We started off in our Star Wars shirts on May the 4th! I have fun looking for these shirts throughout the year at our local used clothes store. It's like a game for me to find things for various holidays- St. Patrick's Day, May 4th, July 4th, and sometimes shirts from different countries for the Olympics.

Our electricity supply has continued to be worse and worse since the cyclone in January. We are so thankful for our solar backup, but it is just a backup system and doesn't run everything or run for the full time that the power is out (especially if we forget we're on solar and accidentally use a high-energy thing like the electric kettle or water pump). So we're going without power a good bit these days. Which isn't too awful, we're pretty used to it by now, but does get a bit annoying, especially with the girls' live classes and several of us doing counseling on zoom.

Josh and my health has continued to be up and down (but mostly down) since we all got covid in January. We are just so exhausted for no good reason. We've tried multiple times (as pictured above) to get back into running when we start to feel better, but every time we try our bodies crash for several days afterward and we can hardly function. It's super discouraging, because we were both just starting to really get into running before this, and now ALL I WANT TO DO IS RUN. Please pray for us that we would really truly feel better for good and get our energy back, because this exhaustion is 0% fun.

We celebrated American Mother's Day with our family and our friend Rachel by going to church and then out to lunch at our favorite place, Casa Rossa. I felt very loved. I'm so thankful for these five people who call me mama.

Josh held one last full-team meeting before our furlough, and took the team plus spouses out to eat at Casa Rossa. It was a great time for all of us! We are so thankful to have such a wonderful ministry team here.

We are just a couple of weeks from leaving for our 7 month visit to the US! We can't believe it! Our parents have been working hard to get the home we'll be staying in ready for us. Josh's uncle owns the house, and the tenants just HAPPENED to decide to move out at the perfect time for us to move in... of course it wasn't a coincidence at all, God is so perfectly sovereign and provides for us in all things! It's an adorable little house, and we're so thankful and excited to call it home for 7 months. 

Josh and I celebrated our 16th anniversary this month! Our marriage is now old enough to drive! Ha! Thanks to our friend, Rachel, we got to get away to Zomba Forest Lodge for 2 nights and enjoy some peace and quiet together. It was such a great time.

The girls wrapped up their Veritas Press live classes for the year! Haylee took 3 live classes this year: Latin transition, composition, and omnibus II (omnibus is actually 2 intense classes, which combined give 3 high school level credits in history, Bible, and literature). Taylah took her first live class this year: literature transition. I'm so proud of how hard they've both worked. Live classes with real assignments and tests are a big leap from our usual laid-back homeschool style, and it's been really good for them to have that external accountability and teaching. In the picture above, T is sitting beside the books she read for literature transition, and H is sitting besides the books she read for omnibus.

Josh spent 2 weeks teaching pastors this month, 1 week at our campus in the Lower Shire and 1 week here in Zomba. He taught from Romans 9-16, and our colleague Isaac taught on spiritual gifts.

Rey got to practice search and rescue a couple of times during Abe and JJ's soccer practices. They practice at a secondary school, so Jude and his afternoon helper, Taonga, will walk around the grounds and hide somewhere, and then Rey and I come to find them. Rey had a lot of potential distractions (lots of monkeys, chickens, and students), but she still did great! It's so cool to see her catch his scent and just TAKE OFF after him. I basically turn into a human kite behind her trying to keep up! We really need to practice more often than we do, but a little is better than nothing.

And finally, I've actually started packing for our visit to the US and our stop in Rome on the way there! We're so excited and overwhelmed and nervous, but as it gets closer the excitement is becoming the prevailing emotion. We can't wait to see our friends and family and experience some parts of America that we've missed, and we're really looking forward to seeing Rome, too!

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