Saturday, August 6, 2016

Man Cub is 4 Months Old

This week our man cub turned 4 months old! 

At his 4 month checkup, he weighed 15 pounds and was 24 3/4 inches long. He is in the 33rd% for height, 55th% for weight, and 90th% for head circumference! With his big head and curly hair, he definitely fits in on my side of the family!

He got to experience his first big holiday, the 4th of July, at Mammie & Pappy's house. We spent a few days there over the holiday, and had a big time in the pool and playing with all of the grandparents and Tia and Tio. Man cub wasn't crazy about the pool the first time, because the water was cool, but the next day when he got in with Mammie, he loved it!

He still sleeps like a champ, usually from around 8:30pm till sometime between 6 and 7am, although he's been waking up earlier some days, and I keep trying to deny that the dreaded 4 month sleep regression is real and possibly sneaking up on us. But his armless swaddle jammies have been a lifesaver and I'm holding out hope that they will continue to help him be a great sleeper. He doesn't nap as well during the day, but he has 4 wild older siblings so that's no surprise.

He's drooling like crazy and has just recently started really grabbing at things and putting them in his mouth. It's fun to see what little toys are starting to interest him! Speaking of toys, he's also recently discovered his feet, and there are few things cuter than a baby holding onto his own feet.

He doesn't like being in the floor and much prefers to sit upright. Because of this, he hasn't quite started rolling over yet. He can roll to his side from either front or back, but can't quite make it all the way over yet. I'm not pushing it because I know how fast babies grow up and I don't mind him being immobile as long as possible! Besides that, for as chill of a baby that he is, I'm afraid we're going to have our hands full when he starts moving! He's pretty busy!

He could sit in his swing outside all day long, and I may or may not be begging God to please not make winter happen this year. Summer is just so nice!

His favorite thing in the whole world is being talked to. He's quite the charmer and will smile and jabber back at anyone who talks to him. He is SO talkative, which is kind of a necessity to keep up in our family, and does a deep belly laugh for just about anything, especially if someone is laughing back at him. And it is such a delight to see how he lights up when he sees one of us walk in the room! The only downside to that is that he is easily bored when there is nobody entertaining him. Could he be a social butterfly extrovert like Taylah? It's looking like it so far.

He is such a perfect and joyful addition to our family, and we are so thankful to have him with us for as long as the Lord sees fit to allow.

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