Thursday, August 25, 2011

Day 237: A Photo Walk

I didn't actually begin this walk with the intention of it being a photo walk. I didn't intend to go anywhere interesting enough to take pictures of at all, which is why I only had my phone to take them with. But I decided we needed a little adventure this afternoon, so Jude and I passed by the playground and walked all the way to the seminary.

On the way, we stopped in Annie May's Sweet Cafe to check out their gluten-free wi-fi. I've always noticed this "allergy-friendly bakery" as we drive by, since it's practically across the street from our apartment, but I've never actually stopped, so we did today. Everything in the shop is gluten-free, and many things are free of other allergens, too. I was very impressed and can't wait to try some of their sweets!

A little further, we passed a fun painted fence.

And then heeded a very important warning.

I love how the trash cans in Louisville all have the names of the neighborhoods on them. 
We stopped to admire a water fountain for a while.
And walked slowly by the beautiful houses and huge trees as we enjoyed the beautiful weather.
We scaled a particularly steep hill, although it really doesn't look like a hill at all in the picture!
I love that little double crowned head.

We even went a little bit out of our way to walk slowly past one of my absolute favorite houses ever.
There's a dolly on the front porch. Do you think they're moving? Do you think we could afford to buy it? HA! Maybe someday...

Then, we passed the most peculiar sight on our walk... a well-loved looking pink pig puppet nestled into the dirty roots of a large, uprooted stump. Poor little guy.

And then we finally made it to the seminary with about 40 minutes left to play (or cry and be grumpy, as the case may be) before daddy got out of class.

It was a great walk, and one we'll have to do more often, as I just registered today for the 2011 Great Commission Center 5k! Okay, I'm going to walk it with a new friend and our boys in strollers, but still... I'm excited!

This was also the event that prompted this tweet... just in case you were wondering what the temperature is like in Kentucky today.

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