Thursday, June 16, 2011

Day 166: Right Now

In an attempt to avoid overwhelming my RSS subscribers with a blue million photo posts today, I decided to combine my Project 365 picture with my entry into Kelly Wilette's current Right Now challenge. Sorry, I've let myself get in the habit of getting a day or two behind on posting my Project 365 pictures lately, then I wind up posting two or three at a time. I'm taking them on the right days, I promise, but getting them up on the blog is another story. In my defense, our lives have been pretty crazy the last few weeks.

Anyway... right now, I am a little obsessed with our new phone, and all of these pictures reflect that because they were taken with the phone instead of the "real" camera, and edited with instagram, the most awesome app ever. It's funny, because instagram pictures are actually terrible quality, but they're cool, so it's okay.

Right now, Josh is working on the car:

Jude and Mammie are playing in the pool:

Tia is watching them while getting some sun:

And I'm getting some sun myself:

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