Friday, February 18, 2011

Share the Love!

I've been working hard the last few days on a new look for my website.  I hope you like it.  While I was making all kinds of other fun things, I thought I would make a button for you to share on your blog too.

So, if you like me and you like reading my blog and you have a blog of your own, would you consider sharing the love and adding my new button to your blog?

If you have a blog and a button too, I'd be thrilled to have your button on my blog too (provided you don't have anything objectionable on your blog... but I know my readers are all squeaky clean, so I don't have to worry about that).

It's hard to tell with white-on-white (which is what I love about it), but it's 128 x 128 pixels, which should fit comfortably in anyone's sidebar.  All you have to do is copy the code from the box below the button, then create an html gadget on your blog and paste it in.

My Manger is Messy button

Let me know if you add it or if you have any problems!


  1. I will totally add you to my blog button roll!

    Around My Family Table
    (aka CakeLady on GCM)

  2. I'm happy to add you to my links page. :) I don't have a button, but I'd love to have you add my blog link to your list of blogs.