Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Day 39: Gift From the Heart- Funeral Tradition

I was in the yard with Jude this morning when a funeral procession went by in front of the house.  Being the foreigner that I am, I stopped to watch and take pictures.  A woman from the procession approached me and gave me this.  It is a braided wreath of bread with a tea cup of homemade wine in the middle of it and there was also an Orthodox prayer candle and box of matches in there.  We don't really know much else about this tradition, as I wasn't able to find anything online and I haven't had the chance to ask any Moldovan friends yet, but we thought it was interesting.


  1. What a beautiful gesture for the woman to give you the bread and cup!

  2. How neat! I really like the photo and the story that goes with it!